Actor Eshwar Raghunathan to be a contestant in Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

Eshwar Bigg Boss Tamil

While last season’s Bigg Boss show featuring Cook with Comali celebrities including Ramya Pandian, fans were very much looking forward to the same this year. But, as a shocking twist for the fans, many of the Cook with Comali celebrities have become obsessed with cinema.

This is a big shock to Vijay TV. It has been reported that a logo screen actor is stuck with those who are looking for a newcomer in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. I have to say that the Bigg Boss Tamil show, which was mixing as the number one reality show, did not fare well last season. Vijay TV’s Cook with Comali and Sun TV’s reality shows like Masterchef and Zee Tamil Survivor are competing for the show.

Like last year, the launch of the Bigg Boss Tamil show has been delayed this year due to the spread of COVID 19. With all the other TV series getting ready to go, its fans are eagerly awaiting when the Bigg Boss show will start.

Rekha and Ramya Pandian, who participated in season one of Cook with Comali, were also fielded as contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4. Meanwhile, Cook With Comali celebrities is expected to participate in Bigg Boss Season 5.

Many people, including Shivangi, Ashwin, Darsha Gupta, Pavithra Lakshmi, have become busy in cinema after attending Cook With Comali season 2. So, only a few Comali who don’t get the chance to go to the cinema are likely to attend.

Tv Star actor Eshwar is our new Big Boss contestant. He has also acted in the film Thanniyilla Kandam. Eshwar’s wife Jayasree’s suicide attempt on her husband’s fake affair with co-star Mahalakshmi on ‘Angel’ has caused a stir. Eshwar, who was arrested in the case, had claimed that his wife and Mahalakshmi’s husband were involved. It has been reported that the Bigg Boss show is planning to oust the actor who has such a fake relationship controversy and make TRP jump.

As reports have surfaced that actor Easwar will be appearing on Bigg Boss, fans have been urging Shivangi and Ashwin to take part in Bigg Boss Season 5, which took Cook 2 Season 2 to another level with his comedy talk.

Actor Kamal Haasan is busy in cinema again as he did not get the expected success in politics. With Vikram, Papanasam 2, a film with Vetrimaran and Indian 2 in the spotlight, Kamal is also expected to host the Bigg Boss show.

It has been reported that Vijay TV is planning to host the Bigg Boss show this time, as usual, relying on serial actors. It has been leaked that actor Eshwar will be appearing in Bigg Boss Season 5 as actors are being invited to star in Vijay TV serials.

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