Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Week 14: These five contestants are nominated for eviction

Bigg Boss Telugu Wee 14 voting

Akhil and Monal start again with a strong hug and bustle with the steps. The rest of the family joined in .. said good morning to Avinash, who was eliminated and left. Bigg Boss Telugu season 4

While Ariana Bigg Boss was talking to the cameras .. she told her life struggles. He said that he made his career start with four thousand rupees .. Nenanto is the only one I know, but .. Nenento told Bigg Boss to let the people know and understand .. Special thanks for bringing Alantinan here so that Bigg Boss is not entitled to the house.

The final five nominations are five:
To whom are these last nominations told to put the task one hundred percent effort. “We want to play to win the trophy. We are putting you in the hands of the audience with both your performance and the way you impress the audience,” Bigg Boss told family members.

Except for Akhil, all the members of the house are directly nominatedd for public approval. He said everyone gets a chance to prove themselves. Akhil said that all the other members except Akhil were nominated as they got the final ticket.

As part of this process .. members of the household will be given tasks promptly.. then the audience will have to be entertained. With this, they entered the field, saying all the best to each other.

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