Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results for 7th week nominations shows these contestants in danger

BB5 Telugu 7th week elimination

It will be almost 45 days since Bigg Boss 5 started in Telugu. These days the audience also has clarity on who is who .. who is playing the game .. who is maintaining the fake relationship .. who is trying to be in the safe zone .. the audience has got complete clarity on these. That’s why the audience is clearly saying which will be eliminated as soon as the nominations list comes out every week. Meanwhile, the nominations this week were very tricky. The nomination process was done to cast doubt on whether he would be nominated even for such small reasons. Nominations show personal views on each other. A total of eight people were nominated in the seventh week. While Sri Ramachandran, Jashwant, Anchor Ravi, Priya, Kajal, Annie Master and Siri Hanmant were among the nominees this week, Lobo in the Secret Room was also nominated directly.

Most importantly, the audience did not like the way Sunny acted. Priya nominated Ravi for the reason that she did not like hanging a towel on the chair. Everyone there knew that her intention was not that. Priya gave such a small reason for bringing Anchor Ravi into the nomination. Priyanka, on the other hand, saw a valid reason to nominate RJ Kajal. Sunny, however, unfairly appointed Anchor Ravi to save her from being his girlfriend. Sunny told Ravi that if she were white, she would nominate her brother. Ravi fired at Sunny, saying, how can you know why they have already been eliminated. Yet, he did not listen. With that, Ravi was nominated for the seventh week in a row.

The matter certainly looks set to come close to Nagarjuna on the weekend. Priya, who said the worst reason here .. Sunny, who admitted it both made a mistake. These two certainly do not seem to have missed the panchayat before Nagarjuna. Manas said he made a big mistake by nominating Ravi for his reasons rather than because he was there. Kajal, on the other hand, supports Sunny. Sadly Ravi was booked horizontally in the game they all played. After seeing the nominations this time around, Nagarjuna certainly looks set to be a big class pick. Nagarjuna had warned last season that the result would be different if he were nominated for the worst reasons. The same thing seems to be happening this time around.

So, the final Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominated Contestants This Week are as follows:


Voting Missed Call Numbers of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 for Week 7

  • Anee – 8886658205
  • Jaswanth ( Jessie ) – 8886658208
  • Kajal – 8886658217
  • Lobo – 8886658206
  • Priya – 8886658207
  • Ravi – 8886658219
  • Sreerama – 8886658204
  • Siri – 8886658201

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu contestants in danger of elimination:

Anee, Kajal and Jaswanth are in danger of elimination in week 7 with less votes

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