Bigg Boss 6 Telugu contestants update: Model Vishal Raj to participate in season 6

Vishal Raj Bigg Boss Telugu 6

A big model is expected to enter Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. His name is Vishal Raj, a popular model. Vishal Raj, who appeared in the ads of leading companies across the country, is not only a six-foot-tall model but also a fitness trainer.

There is no complete information from where he was chosen from, who is not familiar to the Telugu audience. Still, the latest information is that he will be brought into the house as a contestant in Bigg Boss season 6.

Bigg Boss house is a place of insults and fights. Except for the first season all the subsequent seasons had lot of controversies. Not only scolding, there are also cases of beating. But for a muscular athlete like Vishal Raj, the physical task means no sweat for the rival contestant. He looks like he is made for physical tasks.

Apart from his physical tasks, Bigg Boss has other tasks that needs more than physical abilities. Fighting with a strong person like Vishal Raj means you have to raise your hands. But he was in the selection list of 19 people, but he was kept as an option till the end. And whether he will come or not is suspense till the end.

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