Bigg Boss 5 Telugu contestants intro video shooting started today

BB5 Telugu contestants promo

Many programs are coming on Telugu television. But, only a few of them win the admiration of the audience. Thereby receiving super-duper success. Bigg Boss is the only show that came into our television without any expectations and received a tremendous response. The show, which airs with completely unfamiliar content to Telugu people, has completed four seasons. At the same time, TRP has achieved rare feats by invading records.

Moreover, it also broke national records. The industry is gearing up for the fifth season of Bigg Boss. In this context, the latest news leaked from the show. Those details are for you!

Bigg Boss Show has completed four seasons in Telugu. The first was hosted by Young Tiger Jr. NTR, the second by Natural star Nani, and three of the four seasons were hosted by King Akkineni Nagarjuna. All of these became super hits one after another. As a result, many records were created on television. Most importantly, last season’s episode received a rating of over 18. This made it a rare top show in India.

Bigg Boss, known as the Biggest Reality Show, is getting an unexpected response in Telugu. At the same time, the show turned into a few crores of fans. With this, they are all waiting to see when the fifth season will come. Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 was postponed due to COVID 19 second wave. All the fans were disappointed with this. Under such circumstances, it is known that the fifth season of Bigg Boss will start soon. Fans are happy now that the line has been cleared.

The contestants on the Bigg Boss show will be known on the day of the premiere episode. Show organizers select candidates in such a secretive manner. The organizers are in consultation with about 50 people for the fifth season. It seems that a shortlist has also been made. The members of this list were interviewed via Zoom Call. It appears that 18 people have been selected for this season.

Bigg Boss Show has turned many in the Telugu industry into big celebrities. That’s why so many stars are eagerly waiting to be a part of this show. So many people are entering as contestants. Meanwhile, in the fifth season, it is rumored that Siri Hanmant, Navya Swamy, Srihan, Geeta Singh, Shanmuk Jashwant, Hemchandra, anchor Varshini Soundarajan, anchor Ravi, Raghu Master, and Tik Tak Durga Rao will be participating in the film.

The organizers are trying to keep everything a secret as far as the Bigg Boss show is concerned. But, unexpectedly, all the essential information like the selection of contestants, episode format, nomination process, elimination, the wild card is still leaked. Details of the fifth season, which is set to begin in a few days, are also coming out. The names of the contestants have already been leaked. Now a few more things have been revealed.

The news has been circulating for a few days that all the work for the fifth season of Bigg Boss is in full swing. And, according to the latest information, they are currently shooting anything related to the celebrities who will participate as contestants in this season. For this, some of them were brought directly to the studio. It seems that others are being shot in the places they like. Talk is heard that this process takes place amidst many precautions.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Nagarjuna has stepped down as the host for the fifth season of Bigg Boss and will be replaced by Daggubati Rana. Condemning them, a news item came out immediately. It is said that Nagarjuna will also host this season. According to the latest information, the promo shoot for the host was completed on Tuesday evening. It looks like it will be released in a few days. That means a surprise is coming soon.

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