Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Elimination: Abhinaya Sri to be evicted from Bigg Boss house in week 1

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Elimination Abhinayasri

Bigg Boss season 6 is about to start. The process of nominations has alsbeguned. In the situation where it is difficult to remember all 21 people, seven stood in the nominations in the first week. While the nominations panchayat is held the next day after entering the house in every season, it was a little different and the nominations process was started on Wednesday after a day or two of the game. In a way, this is a suitable method.. because the nominations on thfollowingxt day did not have valid reasons.

As for this week’s eliminations and voting, seven people are in the first week’s nominations.

  • Inaya Sultana
  • Abhinaya Sri
  • Jabardast Faima
  • Shri Satya
  • Arohi
  • Chalaki Chanti
  • Singer Revanth

These seven people stood in the nominations and stood in the voting. As the voting ends on Friday night, one of these seven people will face the house in the first week itself. But who can get which position according to voting? When it comes to who can be the face of the house. Singer Revanth has been targeted among the 21 contestants in the house for the past week. On the fourth day of Pafam’s arrival. Revanth became a target to the point where he shouted, “Bigg Boss, send me out.” But the thing to note here is that Singer Revanth already has a significant craze on social media through Indian Idol. His voice has fans not only in Andhra Telangana but across the country.

But in the case of Bigg Boss, it might have been only an advantage, but if he is being targeted in the house, it is considered that he is being given footage. Sympathy is created whenever someone is targeted without a valid reason. This is the case with singer Revanth. Chili’s in the house. Galata Geetu and Arohilu were talking about singer Revanth, and he got positive. Manodu is not able to turn it back, but.. he is playing the game as if it is going to decrease.
Moreover, according to the strategy of Bigg Boss, a strong contestant must be in the nominations every week, especially in the first week. Only then will the voting flow increase. Those numbers are also the reason why singer Revanth is in the nominations. But in the first week, there was more footage. There were fights.. because Revanth was targeted.. he was trending. Voting is also hard for him. In the online poll, singer Revanth is ahead of everyone else with 32 percent votes.

Jabardast Faima is in the following position with 20 percent votes. In the case of nominations, not being able to give good reasons is the only minus for Faima. Jabardasth will do comedy in Bigg Boss. So Jabardasth’s fame goes well with Faima, so after Revanth, Faima gets the most votes.

Serial actress Sri Satya is next. Among the people currently in the house, Mr. Satya looks a bit glamorous. Moreover, her attitude is an additional touch to the game, like Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss can put any fittings. Furthermore, Bigg Boss gave her good footage this week. They said that if she is seen more on the screen.. she is okay. With that, Mr. Satya is in the third position with 13 percent votes.

And in the next place is Chanti. Along with Jabardasth fame coming to him. Chanti very cleverly turned the criticism against him in the nominations. In terms of comedy, too, Chanti seems to be okay. He got 11 percent votes. TV 9 anchor Arohi is in the following position. Bigg Boss is giving good footage to her too. After Geethu, the female contestant who received the most footage in these four days was Arohine. Especially Revanth turns the conflict towards him and creates sympathy. And her language, speech, and behavior all seem like content-giving contestants.

The eliminations are gutted if you look at the voting received by these five people. But Inaya Sultana and Abhinaya Sri are in the danger zone. One of these two is likely to be eliminated in terms of behavior. Abhinaya Sri takes care of her work and moves forward. Kakkurthi is not doing things for the footage. The game continues as if there is. With this, the frames on her screen can be counted on her fingers. But it is not possible if it is as if he has come or gone in the Bigg Boss house. Abhinaya Sri, who rocked the silver screen with A means Amalapuram, has not yet started playing in Bigg Boss.

So if you think Inaya Iragadi is wrong, Baladitya, Sri Satya, Galata Geetu, Marina, Revanth, Chanti, etc., had discussions with them. Inaya made it appear in the footage. Instead of being a banana in the game, she speaks with a raised voice. Bigg Boss does not leave such people. Moreover, Inaya’s elimination is questionable as it is a glamorous show. Abhinaya Sreena.. or Inaya means.. There are chances of elimination of Abhinaya Sri. Even in voting. There is not much difference between Abhinaya Sri and Inaya. If Inaya gets 6 percent votes, Abhinaya gets 5 percent votes. But if Abhinaya gets solid content in Friday’s episode, the numbers may change. However, All these calculations are good if Bigg Boss voting is considered. This is nothing. Like in the pas,t if they keep the elimination list close to them and start the process, any of these seven people can go home.

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