Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Vote Online: Who will get eliminated in the 10th Week nomination?

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Online 10th Week

The game gained momentum as Bigg Boss Season 4 approached its tenth week. With a deficit of proper contestants as well as insurmountable tasks .. Bigg Boss is not as impressive as expected with fake eliminations.

However, Bigg Boss initially started the game with 16 contestants. After that, three entered through wild cards. By the tenth week, only 9 people were left in the house. Of these nine, Ariana, Monal, Abhijit, Mehboob, Harika and Sohail were nominated for elimination. One of them is set to be eliminated this week.

Which of these six was nominated? Who nominated

  • Mehboob .. Harika, Ariana
  • Harika .. Ariana, Mehboob
  • Avinash .. Harika, Monal
  • Sohail .. Abhijit, Ariana
  • Abhijit .. Ariana, Sohail
  • LAkhil .. Abhijit, Ariana
  • Lasya .. Ariana, Mehboob
  • Monal .. Ariana, Mehboob
  • Ariana .. Monal, Sohail

Ariana, Mehboob, Abhijit, Harika, Monal, and Sohail were the six nominees.

However, when it comes to which of these six will be eliminated … Corona will get a vaccine, but it is not possible to send Monal from Bigg Boss House right now. Even if it’s not our language .. even if the game does not come .. Monal has become the adopted daughter of Bigg Boss, which is constantly becoming a hot topic.

For the first two weeks, the game focused on Gangava. After that, Monal was brought down to the field. Akhil, Abhijit, Monal put on a love track and tried to beat the rating. Then Monal had a romance with Abhijit and Akhil .. kissing .. opening up to a hug fair and turned Telugu Bigg Boss into English Bigg Boss. And even in the beauty arena, there are no eyes beyond the monolith in the house. Bigg Boss kept defending her despite fierce opposition from the audience. It is clear that Bigg Boss, who has sidelined strong contestants like Kumar Sai, Divi, and Devi, favors Monal.

Elimination, according to the voting box, is being given. Why is it not true in the case of Monal came from the audience? The screen space is being given to Mona like no one else in the Bigg Boss House. Monal invisible frames are minimal in an hour-long show. For the past two weeks, Monalo has had a lot of screen space. Monal became a hot topic with the nomination of immortal lover Akhil Eema. What was it like to love until yesterday and nominate now .. Alas, it is a pity that the sympathy for Monal has been created among many. There was a positive vote for Costo Costo Mona. It was actually saved from Bigg Boss when there was fierce opposition in the audience towards the Mona. Now that Monal has recovered compared to the past, it is unlikely that Monal will be eliminated in such a moment. So .. even this week, the chances of Monal being saved are high.

When it comes to Abhijit .. how are the votes coming ?? I don’t know who is casting, but .. not every week .. Abhijit, who is being nominated on purpose, is ahead of everyone. Abhijit was nominated for all but two weeks. However, he continues to be saved every time he is nominated. With Abhijit’s name still prominent in the title race, it seems certain that this self-proclaimed Tiger nominee will be saved until the final.

When it comes to Dettadi Harika .. Bonding with Abhijit is becoming a plus. On top of that, Abhi seems to be staying with Abhijit even after Abhi is away from Monal. Both of these are special packages at Bigg Boss House. Hugs, there are so many charms till midnight .. Harika says mad light spot. In terms of tasks, it does not seem to put effort into Ariana, but .. Abhijit seems to be playing for. For her, the situation has become a plus or a minus. So. if Abhijit were not in the nominations, his fans would have voted for Harika. Now that Harika is also in the nominations .. since both are in a special package .. Abhijit votes are likely to be split. Even with more than a dozen followers on social media, the votes are skyrocketing. Let’s say Harika is the final contestant, but .. Dhoka will not be there for another two to three weeks.

When it comes to Sohail .. even though Bigg Boss didn’t care much for Sohail before .. after Bigg Boss, Sohail established his own identity. Sohail, who initially made a name for himself as Arjun Reddy by showing more anger, then focused on the game. However, always targeting Ariana .. Playing games with Mehboob is affecting his game. Except for Ariana .. being with the rest of them .. being active in terms of tasks, Sohail Graf has been growing. Bigg Boss continues to do justice to Sohail in terms of screen space. So there is no chance of being eliminated in the Sohail nominations.

When it comes to Ariana Glory .. Ariana Glory is currently the strongest contestant among the female contestants in the house. Seeing her behavior in the first, I did not want to be more than a week. But by the tenth week, she became strong. In terms of tasks, Harika, Lasya, and Monal are the best.

There is no doubt that. However, Abhijit does as much as he tells Ariana in the tasks that do not lack charm. Overreacting in some cases .. making the small thing bigger has become a minus for her.

Until becoming captain, however, Ariana continued to increase her graph each week. Her graph dropped after she became captain. Strict enforcement of new rules in the name of captaincy .. Ariana went down due to a clash with members of the household. Ariana was also unable to properly defend the fact that all members of the household were targeting her.

Ariana’s game as a bold and strong contestant .. is being influenced by Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar. Anyway, Amma Rajasekhar was eliminated, so without playing the game with Avinash .. Ariana will not return if she plays the game in her own style. Ariana reacted a bit over the past week to where Avinash will be eliminated. Is the show so much needed by the audience? It seemed like all. With that elimination process came much opposition to Ariana. Even in the house, except for one Avinash, the rest of them became anti.

However, Bigg Boss needs a bold and daring contestant like Ariana to make the game run smoothly. Since it has been down for the last two weeks, it gives a better performance than Harika, Lasya, and Monal, so the chances of Ariana being eliminated are less. Elimination is to get to Ariana. You have to cross the previous three (Harika, Lasya, Monal). According to the poll results, Ariana is the next highest voter out of the six nominees. By this calculation, Ariana is sure to be safe.

The rest is Mehboob. In fact, in the third week, there was a campaign that Mehboob would bag the bag. What happened next, but that week, Mehboob was saved, and God was eliminated. The following week, Sohil, the house captain, was given special powers and saved by Mehboob. Mehboob has been saving somehow since then.

However, as the game approaches its tenth week, Mehboob has crossed the last nine eliminations, but it is difficult to escape this week. Even if Mehboob is not the one to hit in terms of physical tasks .. Bigg Boss is also a mind game. Mehboob found it difficult to excel in this mind game. Mehboob is likely to be eliminated from the six nominees this week. However, it is not surprising that Bigg Boss was saved this time as well. If Mehboob is kindly the next one, then there seems to be no other option but Ariana. Because even though immortal lover Akhil nominated Monal for how many games he will not get .. Bigg Boss is her rating resource. Since the adventure of eliminating the mona in such an emergency will not be done, though. The chances of the elimination hunt falling on Mehboob this week seem high.

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