Jabardasth Priyanka Singh is the 9th contestant in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Priyanka Singh Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Sai Teja reached out to the audience with Lady Getup on the Jabardast show. Sai Teja, who was wearing glasses, underwent an operation and turned into a real girl. He changed his name to Priyanka Singh and transformed himself into a female. However, she said her father, Bibi Singh was still unaware that she had changed her gender.

She became emotional on stage, saying, “As long as I want to be a girl, I will never do anything to make your son and mother-in-law bow their heads.” Priyanka Singh from Srikakulam entered the house as the ninth contestant. How is this transgender house going to be? Can she blend in with everyone? That will be clear in the days ahead.

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