Siri Hanmanth is the first contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5

Siri Hanmanth Bigg Boss Telugu

The Bigg Boss 5 Telugu has started with a grand opening. Nagarjuna made an entry with the song Akhil. Nag steps in his style in the song Mr. Majnu. He then moved his leg for a Laila. And then Big Boss laid out the mass steps as he wished. Nag dusted off the massacre. Nag has promoted Bigg Boss Fifth Season well as Panchendriyas, Panchabhutas, and Pancha Pranas. Indra has a thousand eyes .. Bigg Boss 70 has eyes .. there are cameras. Lovely Lounge, Chill Full, Eto is gone, Nag is gone. The boys and girls put up counters in his style that were windy.

Siri Hanmantu made an entry with a glamorous song. Navrasala was cultivated on stage. My two favorites are two. One is sleeping; two are good sleep. A good husband means more. She said in her style that giving more gifts.

Siri then got excited when she stepped inside BB’s house. She said that she was shocked to see the house directly and looked at the garden area. And put the right into the house and sat in the sofa area. Siri was excited as soon as she saw the bedroom. But Siri was unable to make an entry into the bedroom. She was shocked to see the locked beds. Siri also said that she doesn’t know to cook and can make Maggi only.

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