Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: These are all the contestants of all five seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu

BB Contestants list

Bigg Boss Season 5 arrives late but with a bit of a late-season that is sure to air. Season 5 Star will be airing on our channel from 6 pm today (September 5). King Nagarjuna, who has been the host for three to four seasons, is all set to make a splash on the Bigg Boss stage for the third time.

If so .. how are you going to run the original Bigg Boss show in the background of Corona? Who are the actual contestants? How did you plan the game this time? All these questions will be answered in a few hours.

No matter how much fuss is made .. the key role of the players is to make the game fun or entertaining .. so who are the contestants coming this season? Who were the contestants in the last seasons? When did any season start? Ever run. Who is the Winner ?? Who competed with whom … Let’s see such full detailed information now.

Bigg Boss Season 1
Starting July 16, 2017, it ran for over 70 days. A total of 16 contestants participated in Bigg Boss Season 1. Adarsh, Shivabalaji, Hariteja, Navdeep, and Archana competed as finalists. Shivabalaji Bigg Boss Season 1 winner in the final and won Rs. 50 lakh Frieze Money won. Adarsh ​​won the runner-up title. In fact, the show got good hype. NTR hosting is the main strength. Those also took the contestants with celebrity status. Let’s look at that 16 contestant list.

1. Archana
2. Sameer
3. Mumtaz Khan
4. Prince
5. Singer Madhupriya
6. Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu
7. The cauldron
8. Singer fiction
9. Mahesh Katti
10. Sword Karthika
11. Shiva Balaji
12. Adarsh
13. Hari Teja
14. Dhanraj
15. Initiation (Wild Card)
16. Navdeep (Wild Card)

Bigg Boss Season 2
The show, which started on June 10, 2018, was hosted by Hero Nani. The show aired for 113 days. This is the longest-running season of the season. This season also saw 16 contestants fight for the title. Kaushal Manda, Geeta Madhuri, Tanish, Deepti Nallamotu, and Samrat Reddy went to the finals. However, he was notorious for saying that the prize money would be given to cancer patients. Singer Geeta Madhuri matched the runner-up title. Let’s take a look at the total 16 contestants list this season.

1. Geeta Madhuri
2. Amit Tiwari
3. Deepti Nallamothu
4. Tanish
5. Babu Gogineni
6. Bhanu Shri
7. Roll Ride
8. Yaker Shyamala
10. Deepti Sunaina
11. Skill
12. Tejaswi Madivada
13. Ganesh (Common Man)
14. Sanjana Anne (Common Woman)
15. Nutan Naidu (Common Man)
16. Nandini Roy (Wild Card)

Bigg Boss Season 3
King Nagarjuna has been the host for this season which started on July 21, 2019. A total of 16 contestants fought for the title. Singer Rahul Sipliganj won the title. Anchor Srimukhi matched the runner-up title if you look at the list of contestants for the third season.

1. Anchor Shilpa Chakraborty (Wild Card Entry)
2. Vithika Sheru
3. Varun Sandesh
4. Anchor Srimukhi
5. Mahesh Vitta
6. Ali Reza
7. Actress Hema
9. Baba Bhaskar
10. Rohini
11. Rahul Sipliganj
12. Zafar
13. Ashureddy
14. Ravikrishna
15. Shivajyoti
16. Himaja

Bigg Boss Season 4
Nagarjuna also hosted the fourth season, which started on September 21, 2020. What is the specialty of this season? Those who do not have celebrity status are brought to Shoki and turned into celebrities. Many have taken social media celebrities as contestants. This is also the season with the most contestants. While Abhijit is the winner of the fourth season .. Akhil is the runner-up. However, Abhijit shared the prize money of Rs 50 lakh with third place Sohail. Ariana and Harikas advanced to the finals if you look at the list of 19 contestants.

1. Abhijit
2. Akhil
3. Sohail
4. Ariana
5. Dettadi Harika
6. Monal Ghajjar
7. Avinash
8. Lasya
8. Mehboob
10. Amma Rajasekhar
11. Noel
12. Divi
13. Kumar Sai
14. Anchor Sujatha
15. Gangava
16. Swati Dixit
17. Devi Nagavalli
18. Karate Kalyani
19. Director Surya Kiran

Bigg Boss Season 5
Nagarjuna is also hosting the season, which starts on September 05, 2021. For him, it was a happy season. When it comes to who the contestants are .. a total of 19 people are going to be in the information this season. On an opening day, 16 contestants were going into the house while the other three were going through the wild card entry. However, many names are already in the campaign. Who are they? The suspense over who will go will be over in a few hours. However, it seems that these 17 contestants have been confirmed. Let’s see that list.

1. Anchor Ravi
2. Shanmukh Jaswant
3. VJ Sunny
4. Manas Nagulapalli
5. Karthikadeepam Umadevi (Bhagya)
6. RJ Kajal
7. Shailaja Priya
8. Sriram Chandra
9. Sarayu Roy
10. Annie Master
11. Nataraj Master
12. Shweta Verma
13. Mood
14. Lobo
15. Siri Hanmant
16. Jabardast Priyanka (Sai ​​Teja)

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